I offer Holistic Health Coaching with a focus on preventive health care. I teach my clients how to take back their power when it comes to their health and wellbeing.  I offer a wealth of information about feeling great naturally and the simple steps you can start taking today! Along with the education it takes to become an ANCB Certified Traditional Naturopath I also offer knowledge from personal experience having healed an "incurable" dis-ease myself with natural medicine. I am not making any healing claims. I can only speak about what worked for me. It is nothing short of a miracle. You can read my story here.

The most important thing I learned is that it is much better to prevent physical challenges than to be in a position of having to live through an existing challenge. As your holistic health coach I will provide a safe space for you to discuss your goals, your challenges, your ideas about what you feel you need and help you come up with a plan for your mind/body wellness. Taking care of yourself now is money in your pocket down the road as you will stay healthier longer. If you are currently experiencing physical challenges natural medicine can only support your body’s innate healing system. Our cells want to be healthy. We just need to get out of our own way!

Here is how it works. You come in for your first Take Stock! session. This assessment gives you a chance to check in with yourself about how you are feeling and look at your past and current health concerns. By the time we are finished with this session you will know your goals and have an action plan on how to achieve them. We will continue to check in with each other every month, re-assess your goals and keep taking baby steps to reach them. Once you have reached your goals you can check in a couple times a year or more to help you stay on track. You decide.

This is an investment in yourself that will give you maximum return for a lifetime. After all it IS your life we are talking about. You deserve to “treat” yourself to this amazing work. Stand tall, take charge and feel your power! Live better starting today, the natural way…

Cyndy DiBeneditto, CTN 845 340-4450
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Take Stock!               Eat Smart!              Clean Up!               Boost Up!
Take Stock!               Eat Smart!              Clean Up!               Boost Up!
Cyndy DiBeneditto, CTN                  What is Naturopathy?          Feel Great Naturally with 4 Simple Steps!