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Take Stock!               Eat Smart!              Clean Up!               Boost Up!
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It was a beautiful sunny day. The blue sky, the warmth, the birds singing all seducing me... come outside and play.... So I jumped out of bed, ready to accept this welcome invitation but... for some reason the sky felt like it was below me, the birds sounded fuzzy and there was no warmth to be found in the chill up my spine! What kind of a trip was this? I am not the type to indulge myself in recreational drugs. (I'm already wacky enough!) But this sure felt like a road I had never been down before.
I couldn't stand up! I couldn't even roll my eyes from side to side without the room completely inverting! I just lay there, alone. Eventually after a little while it subsided. When I could finally get myself upright I called my medical doctor. They got me in right away. I was sitting in the waiting area reading 2 year old magazines about auto racing when I heard them call my name. I waited the 50 "my time is not as valuable as yours" minutes it took for the doctor to see me and I told him about my "trip"! He did his thorough 5 minute exam and wrote a few words on his chart. I told him that I thought I might have an inner ear disorder. He laughed at me and said, "Cyndy, you have an inner head disorder and gave me antidepressants." Being a teenager and not being schooled on drugs and their effects I took them, trusting that he was the doctor and he knew what he was doing! NOT! I actually took them for a week and got depressed. I wasn'
t feeling down before I took them.

A few years passed and I just got dizzier and dizzier. I was getting weak and shaky and felt like I was 80 years old. (I was 19 at the time!) So my "doctor" put me in the hospital for some tests. After a spinal tap, MRI's, numerous xrays and nuclear dye, the diagnosis was Lou Gehrigs Disease. I asked them how they knew that for sure and they said, "Well we couldn't find anything else". I asked, "Can you do a test for my inner ear?"   Again, they laughed and felt it was better to tell me that I only had a short time to live and I would end up on a respirator and eventually die of suffocation. Fun.... Determined to prove them wrong, I walked out of the hospital at midnight and never went back to that "doctor".

The disequilibrium continued to the point that I was incapacitated for a good portion of the time. I ended up going to another doctor who sent me to a neurologist! The BEST in his field! (So I must be in good hands, right?) So I mentioned again to this "specialist" that I think I have an inner ear problem. After talking to a wall, I found myself in a laboratory with wires hooked up all over my body. The diagnosis, "inflamed balance nerves". You got to be kidding??? All that medical training and you are giving me the blanket diagnosis, you have an inflammation! I asked him how he came to that conclusion and he said, "Well we can't find anything else". I asked what the treatment was and he said, "You must be hooked up to IV steroids for a week and that should take care of it.!" So, again, working on my trust issues I decided to let go and follow the course of treatment by my "specialist". After 2 days on the steroids my stomach was so swollen I thought I was pregnant. There were boils as large as dimes on my skin and my mouth was swollen shut. They gave me a tranzene to help me sleep... instead... my eyes crossed and I felt wired! They said I needed to keep active but I felt so dizzy I couldn't stand up! So they put a leash on me, (not even as nice as my dogs!) and tried to walk me around the hospital. It was 3 am and I lay there knowing that I was going to die. I am not afraid of crossing over to the other side, but I was only 20 years old and I just wasn't ready to leave. I had too many things to do. So I called my Mom and Dad and asked them to come and get me. Again, I left the hospital without checking out at 4 am.

Back to square one. The disequilibrium continued. I finally decided I would go to see an ear doctor. After another round of tests I waited patiently. The doctor came into the examining room and said, "Cyndy, you have an inner ear problem, (No, really? Now who would have thought of that???) It is called Menieres Disease. It is progressive. You will eventually lose your hearing completely and be incapacitated unless you have an operation." Again, wonderful news.  Well, at least I knew what was going on. Now what? By this point I had the issue for 6 years or more and I was pretty exhausted from it. This doctor was honest and said there was nothing he could do for me except try to give me drugs to help with the symptoms. Tried them and got worse! So he sent me to another "Menieres Specialist" that was known around the world for developing the operation that stopped the disequilibrium. After a consultation with him, I realized that the only operation he would do would be to sever my hearing nerves so they would not be connected to my balance center anymore. No more dizziness! YAY! .... No more hearing!.... WHAT??? The musician in me decided I wanted to hear the rest of my life, no matter what. Last time I saw that doctor.

Up until this point it was only in my left ear. I was incapacitated most of the time, only able to get up for an hour or two a day. The rest of the time I was horizontal, although the disease told me differently. The pressure was getting unbearable and so was the dizziness so I decided to go for the temporary fix and have a shunt put in my left ear. I couldn't find anyone who would do it for me because supposedly it would only take care of the symptoms for a few years but they would come back. I didn't care. I wanted relief. Also, I had lost about 75% of my hearing in that ear and I didn't want to lose the rest. So, I headed to San Antonio Texas to a doctor that finally said yes to me!  I had it done and it did help a lot... for a little while.

Not even a year after I had the operation in my left ear, I got the same sensation on the right side! Here we go again. I really didn't want to lose my hearing. After all I was making my living as a musician!  Music is a huge part of me.  At the time being deaf was like a death sentence. From what I researched I found out that Menieres Disease only affects one side in 90% of the cases. What? Why me? Why did I have it on both sides? (Got on the pity pot for a few days then I realized that all this was leading me to my souls mission... Hurry up would ya? J ) I was on a mission to heal myself. I knew that I had limited time before the hearing in my "good" ear would be affected. The left ear had continual noise and distortion in it and I couldn't bare not hearing the crisp sound of my acoustic guitar anymore. Just wasn'
t willing to let that happen.
By now I was 29 years old...12 long years of this disease. I truly believed that I could heal it but I had no idea how. I started with the Kushi Institute in Boston. I followed a macrobiotic diet for 12 months. I got real skinny... 98 pounds.. but I was still very sick. (There was a good reason for that. It was the exact diet I WASN'T supposed to be on!) While I was going to the institute I saw an acupuncturist. It was very helpful . I actually had days where I was vertical for most of the day! The search continued. I found a Homeopath in my neighborhood and I started using a remedy. I noticed I got worse for a while, but then I started to get some relief... but not enough. On a routine visit to new ear doctor I mentioned that I had Menieres Disease. He told me that it was caused by hyperinsulinemia and an inflammatory blood condition. He sent me to a holistic nutritionist. WOW! I'm not crazy! That visit saved my life. It was the first huge step in bringing my body back to it's original state of perfect heath. That was in 1988. I have never had another episode of disequilibrium since then. I went to see a
Traditional Naturopath that taught me how to keep my body in balance on the inside and out. The rest is history...

I wanted to learn everything I could about healing the body naturally. I decided to become a Naturopath. I went to several schools for traditional naturopathy and in 1999 took the exam to be board certified by the ANCB. I continue to educate myself and research to keep up with the latest modalities in the field of natural medicine. I want to make it clear that I believe that there are medical doctors that really do care about their patients and do the best they can to help them get well. And I also believe that they do not have all the answers.  No one does except your higher self.  I believe that we know ourselves better than anyone else. My intuitive nature kept telling me that there was something wrong with my inner ear and that I would be able to heal it. It saved my life by nudging me to keep looking for just the right people to help me get well and to NEVER give up.  You too can feel better... vital.. energetic and healthy.  Just keep listening to your inner voice and it will guide you to your destiny.

By the way, every doctor told me that my nerves in my left ear would never heal. I am proud to report that the hearing in my left ear went from 25 % to 90 % and the hearing in my right ear is 100%! If this dis-ease is "progressive"  then why after having it since I was 17 can I hear almost perfectly?  Someone bought me a button once that says, ...I don't believe in miracles, I count on them! Blessed be...
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Why did I become a Certified Traditional Naturopath?

By Cyndy DiBeneditto, CTN